This role is open for C2C or W2.

The contractor assignment is about an year long (1 year) and will include – but not limited to – the support backlog of work on applications that were built using Angular technologies. They will be involved in projects moving Online Services applications into Cloud/Containers. In addition, there will be operational work (PBIs and PKEs) and discretionary project work requiring Angular skills that will be assigned to them. Creating and maintaining of CI/CD pipeline for Online Services Applications and migration of APIs to Cloud will be in scope.

• Proactively builds effective working relationships with those who have the knowledge, experience, resources, or influence to advance work goals.
• Challenges current thinking—Drives others to explore alternative ways to view and solve problems and achieve results; provides tools and opportunities for brainstorming to encourage idea generation; leverages diverse cross-functional sources for inspiration.
• Passion for making a difference.
• Ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
• Self-learner and able to learn quickly to solve new technical challenges.

Required Skills:
• Angular 4 and above (Angular JS is not acceptable)
• Working knowledge/experience of typescript, git, npm, Web API, Angular, JavaScript, Node JS technologies (front end open source technologies)

Preferred Skills:
• Preferred understanding of Windows and Linux system administration
• Understand of .NET core is a plus
• Sound understanding of CI (continuous integration) /CD (continuous delivery or environment) and DevOps concepts

Education and/or Experience Required:
• Bachelor’s Degree in an Information Technology discipline or related field of study

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