The prime responsibility of the Sales Agent is to lead the entire approach and understanding of the US market for the Sales Management Team based in Asia (Hong Kong). The objective of the company is to expand its retail network (B2B) and operations in the US market.
The Sales Agent will be in charge of finding clients and partners (retailers, buyers, trade fair organizers, designers, associations, chambers of commerce, corporates for gifting…), approaching them for deals, contacts, quotations and insure a good communication with them. This position will be expected to provide support in areas such as cold calling, report writing, market trends analysis and deal closing. High autonomy expected.

The Sales Agent must be a highly motivated, self-starter, out of the box thinker, and autonomous with a positive attitude.
The ideal candidate is willing to start growing a network and a business in order to help the company expand its operation in the USA. A long-term candidate is desired for this position. The ideal candidate can organize his or her schedule as he/she wants but will have to do weekly or bi-weekly report/calls to keep the management team posted on the on-going operations. Management will be listening to the Sales Agent’s advices and opinions, so we require a reliable and forward-thinking profile.

Finally, the ideal candidate can be from a designer background as well as a sales background (with sales acumen and passion).

Objectives of the mission:

The focus will be on the B2B activities, that is to say contacting, pitching and handling conversation with retailers and partners to place our designers’ products and expand our notoriety.
Another focus will be on reporting information on the US market to understand our offer’s positioning and messaging strategy.

Core Responsibilities:

• Coordinate and RUN presentations, meetings, proposals and offers to prospective clients and potential partners
• Acquisition of new accounts and follow-up with existing ones for repeat orders
• Marketing, cold calling, meetings
• Generate weekly reports and discuss results, failures and improvement points
• Manage and prioritize multiple projects
• Develop a network in the design community (school, associations, studios…)
• Close deals and contracts


• It is all in behaviour and personal capabilities.
• Must possess understanding, learning or knowledge in sales, retail, design and creativity is a plus.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to multi-task and work in full autonomy
• Ability to work pro-actively and effectively with distance, though be able to communicate regularly, clearly, and honestly
• Demonstrate professionalism and business acumen
• Interpersonal skills and listening skills a must have.

Can organize working hours as wished to achieve desired results

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Job Location: , , US

Qualification and Misc.: any

Salary Type: commission

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